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Nihi - DVD & VHS
Nihi is the Hawaiian name given to world-renowned waterman, big wave surfer, stuntman and global adventurer, Titus Nihi Kinimaka. This film is filled with mountainous waves, spectacular scenery, and the life-defying experiences of a modern Hawaiian who honors his past by living in the future. Nihi is a pulsating cinematic journey that not only expresses the essence of a unique Hawaiian life, but also seeks to define the contemporary spirit of Aloha.
VHS: 19.95 DVD: 24.95

Aloha Films
Aloha Films Group inc., Is proud to work with The Kinimaka Family to Help Develop and Deliver the award winning film Nihi. For more infromation about The Aloha Films Group, Inc. Please visist our Site here

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