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Nihi - DVD & VHS
A biography of Titus Nihi Kinimaka
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Nihi is a fast paced ActionBiography on world-renowned waterman Titus Nihi Kinimaka. His friends and family provide in-depth perspectives on the mystique that surrounds this Hawaiian big wave surfer, stuntman and global adventurer. Nihi is a biographical journey that exposes the essence of Hawaiian life, its fascinating culture, and seeks to define the Aloha spirit.

As his ancestors have for thousands of years, Titus continues to live a life connected to the sea. Nihi is a rich tale filled with mountainous waves, spectacular scenery, and the life experiences of a modern Hawaiian who honors his past by living in the future.

Kauai, the most sacred of the Hawaiian Islands comes to vivid life through the eyes of 10 year Hawaiian resident and two-time Emmy Award winning cinematographer Brooks Guyer. Vivid action and archival footage of Hawaiian life is narrated by local surfers and Big Wave pioneers such as Darrick Doerner and Louis Ferrera.

Audiences will be drawn to this film by its up close and personal interviews, state of the art point of view digital technology, beautiful cinematography, and authentic Hawaiian soundtrack. The recent motion picture successes of Blue Crush and XXX, and the upcoming film Break, and the epic Kamehameha starring The Rock, prove that the world’s interest in Hawaii has never been greater. Nihi thrusts you into the heart of a true Hawaiian with interviews and action sequences, archival footage, photographs and captivating graphics to create a multi-faceted action packed documentary.

Nihi premiered May 15th, 2003 at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.
Officially Selected to: Pacifika Film Festival, NY May 2003; Chicago Indie Fest August, 2003; Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival October, 2003; Malibu Film Festival Sept., 2003; Big Bear International Film Festival Sept 03, Cinema Paradise, Hawaii Sept. 03. Reviewed on Fox Sports Net: 54321 May 29th and Fusion TV August 22. Theatrical Premiers scheduled: August 22nd Waimea Theatre, Kauai; August 23rd Kilauea Theatre, Kauai; September 25th, Edwards Theatre, Laguna Beach. East Coast premiers are being planned.

Nihi VHS running time 44 minutes VHS
Director: Brooks Guyer, 15 year veteran of Commercial, Film and Music Video production.
Producers: Titus Kinimaka & Jimbeau Andrews.
Contact: Jimbeau Andrews, Aloha Films 949-494-9840





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