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Nihi is a fast-paced biography of world renowned waterman, big wave surfer, stuntman and global adventurer Titus Nihi Kinimaka. This film is filled with mountainous waves, spectacular scenery, and the life-defying experiences of a modern Hawaiian who honors his past by living in the future.
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VHS: 19.95 DVD: 24.95
The Villas at Poipu Kai
Check out this great place to stay while
you are on your surfing trip to Kauai
The Villas at Poipu Kai

About Our Surf School

The true nature of Kauai is only experienced when you go surfing here… Why not experience the best surfing with the Grand Master of Surfing himself?  The Kinimaka family is here to share the gift of surfing.  From beginner to Extreme riders the Hawaiian School of Surfing is your choice for guaranteed fun.  All HSS instructors are native Kauaian’s with a rich surfing tradition that dates back to the 1950’s.  Their unique style of teaching was developed by Titus Kinimaka during his four and half decades of surfing.  His training techniques are used exclusively by HSS instructors and are guaranteed to increase your level of surfing style and grace   So come on…give the sport of kings a try with the creators of this ancient pastime, practiced on the islands for centuries.  A wide selection of sandbar breaks and waves.  All instructors are experienced lifeguards and watermen.  Surf with the Hawaiian School of Surfing, share the gift of Aloha given to you by Titus, and perpetuate the tradition of the Hawaiian sport of kings.

Reservations & Info: 808-652-1116

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